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5 places you can travel to with a Grenadian Passport

Who doesn’t love visa-free travel?

The world has opened up once again after global Covid-enforce closures and restrictions, kickstarting the travel industry. It’s a win-win for tourism and business destinations. The former have put up ‘Welcome Back’ signs and are looking for new and exciting attractions to bring the crowds back. You have the chance to turn up the sense of adventure or romance, get away with family or just relax and recharge batteries. The latter has opened up looking for new and exciting business opportunities. In essence, it’s a great time for global business and recreation. 

Grenada is one of those destinations that’s once again garnering significant attention. With its lush rainforest, crystal white sand beaches, cerulean seas, yachting scene, historical landmarks, vibrant culture and nightlife and so much more, what’s not to like? It’s like a magnet luring foreigners into visitors, visitors into residents and residents into citizens.

So, what about those who make Grenada home? While it’s a given that Grenada becomes a getaway from the everyday, ordinary life, this island offers much, much more.

It’s also a window to go exploring the world. A Grenadian citizen you can travel, visa-free, to more than 145 countries, make wonderful memories, then return to paradise. So, in the spirit of adventure, let’s introduce you to five countries you can visit by virtue of a Grenadian passport. And since we’re looking to escape the ordinary, we’ll visit a few continents for the added spice of variety.

  1. Greece -The land that produced famous painter Domenicos Theotokopoulos (try saying that three times fast!), better known as El Greco, as well as legendary philosophers, mathematicians and mouth-watering cuisine. You can visit the world-renowned Acropolis, stop in at ancient archaeological sites, view tons of ‘Old World’ history and architecture, and catch some stunning views of the Mediterranean. Exquisite.
  2. Botswana – Go back to nature in the heart of Africa. Botswana, like Grenada, is unspoiled and ideal for a singular adventure. Join a safari, learn about the San Bushmen, or ride the mokoro—a 20-foot canoe—for a guided tour.
  3. UAE – Dubai, anyone? Yes, you can get to the UAE, visa-free as a Grenada citizen. With the world’s tallest building, activities like camel-back riding and desert skiing, and one of the world’s most preserved deserts, you’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible.
  4. USA – Bet you didn’t expect the US to be on this list! But America isn’t just the land of opportunity. It’s got wonderful attractions, like the Golden Gate Bridge, the Grand Canyon and borders the Niagara Falls, along with Disney vacations and historical sites such as the Statue of Liberty. All possible thanks to the special Grenada E2 visa that can even allow you to do business in the US.
  5. Vanuatu – While it’s got many of the things you’d expect from an island destination in the southern pacific—from snorkelling and ziplining to the world’s only underwater post box—Vanuatu has bundled it all in a comprehensive, family-friendly six-day island experience.