The E2 Visa – Changing the Game


The E2 Visa—Changing the Game.     The E2 visa is in demand for a reason: it affords you access to a US visa, with an average processing time of up to four months.

Grenada is one of the countries that has established an E2 treaty with the US, so it’s a window for international mobility. Once you’re an investor in a US-approved business, you and your direct family can travel to or reside in the US for up to five years, and there’s no limit to the number of renewals.

Holding a US E2 offers a lot more. Your spouse can work in the US, while children attend public schools without cost, and pay only in-state tuition for college. On the professional side, you can establish an approved business, and even sponsor specialised employees from your home country for your business.

Of course, there are conditions that qualify you to be E2 visa holder. You must be a citizen of a country that holds an E2 treaty with the US. You must invest at least US$150,000 in an approved US business. Finally, your residency/travel must be for developing and/or operating the approved business. Once your business remains operational—and profitable—you and your family can continue to reside in the US.

So the final question is: “Why “Grenada? And the answer is: “why not?”

  • Grenada has quick passport processing times. In just a matter of a few months your citizenship can be improved as an investor
  • Location, location, location. The Isle of Spice is paradise! Imagine living where others vacation. Grenada is tropical, and a short flight from North America. And it’s the only Caribbean country offering the E2 visa
  • Grenadian citizens can travel to more than 130 countries—including China, Russia, the UK and Schengen countries—with no visa required
  • You’ve got all the benefits of being a Grenada citizen just by investing in the economy.

If you’re an investor looking to change the game, here’s an effective route through. Take the first step to Grenada, and find what you’re looking for.