Grenada: A Small Island with a Powerful Passport

Imagine you don’t have to live in another country for years before you get citizenship. Imagine you’ll probably have to get a visa to get there, and have the proper residential status (like having a Green Card in the U.S., for example). There are often also age requirements, language requirements and an extended naturalisation process, including interviews, together with a mountain of forms. Even after all of this, countries sometimes require an applicant to renounce their original country of birth/citizenship. And of course, each dependent in your family has to fulfil special conditions to secure citizenship too.

But Grenada has made this easy and is taking another route. The island is offering potential citizens another pathway to citizenship, and all the benefits that a Grenadian citizen is entitled to. Investors in Grenada’s infrastructural development can open doors to new opportunity, as well as citizenship advantages that dwarf the offerings of many other countries.

Even if the island is 344 square miles, it carries a powerful passport with easy access to a lot of desirable countries for business and play. 

While there are many islands that fit the bill, Grenada, the “Isle of Spice”, promises all of the above and a whole lot more. As a matter of fact, this enchanting island, perfectly poised in the Southern Caribbean Sea, has a pretty powerful passport. So much so, that it’s persuading qualified investors to make this slice paradise permanently home, and to get so much more in return.

The Grenadian passport is a key that unlocks travel to 115 international and Commonwealth countries, including the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and China—all without visa restrictions. And, as a citizen if Grenada, you can apply for the E-2 US visa, which allows investors to both invest and reside in the USA. In fact, thanks to its bilateral agreement with the United States, Grenada is the only Caribbean country that that offers the E-2 visa.

Grenada also permits dual citizenship to you and your dependents: children under age 30 and parents. Tertiary education is also available at the same preferable rates as for any other Grenadian citizen. The process is also designed to be convenient: even if you’ve never lived on the island, there’s room for you to make Grenada home in as little as three months.

Over and over, visitors to Grenada wake up eager to enjoy the island life, the hospitality, the sun and sand and surf and natural life and effervescence of a people. Citizens experience it every day, knowing there’s no place quite like Grenada. They know size matters, and they’re proud of it too.