How Can I Get Free Medical Education

When it comes to medical education, Grenada is home to one of the best universities. St. George University in Grenada is known for its Medical training programme. Every year, students come from different corners of the world. They are enrolled in the top-notch universities of the Caribbean Islands because they access premium education and are rewarded by degrees recognized in over 42 countries of the world, including the United States and European countries. Above all citizens of the Caribbean Island of Grenada can benefits from free medical education. 

Why Choose A Caribbean University For Your Medical Education

If you dream about becoming a doctor and working abroad, you will need a diploma recognized in most countries to get your practice license easily. 

Caribbean Universities like St. George University in Grenada offer courses accepted worldwide, including in the USA and France. 

These universities have low tuition fees for foreigners and provide free education to their citizens. Also, getting admission to a Caribbean university is easier, unlike in other countries. For example, if you are a German citizen, you must first receive a diploma from your local medical college or confirm your Qualification before being accepted at a Caribbean institution.

On the other hand, the students who obtain a diploma at St. George University are qualified to work in foreign countries right after.  

What The University Has To Offer You? 

Additionally, since 1976, 22000 people have graduated from St. George University, and overall, 1124 studies have successfully secured their place in the US and UK clinics. Now, let’s know more about the advantages of studying at a Caribbean university. 

  • The university has branches in the UK, the USA, and India. 
  • Students who enroll in medical counseling undergo a 16-month internship program at the UK and USA hospitals. 
  • The university diploma is recognized in 47 nations, including Australia and the USA. 

Requirements For Getting Free Education In Grenada

The Caribbean university usually offers discounts and scholarships to international students; however, these offers are limited, and every year, too many international students apply for these offers, which makes it difficult to get in. However, if you fulfill certain requirements, the university can give you up to 90% compensation for the course fee, otherwise ECD $321,628. So, what are those requirements?

  • Grenada takes care of its citizens with heart and soul, so if you want free medical education, the first thing you need to have is a Grenadian passport. It is your ticket to free and quality medical education! 
  • Then next you need to live a year in Grenada before you apply for the discount. 

Getting Grenada’s Citizenship

The first step to a quality medical education is knowing what the CBI or Grenada Citizenship By Investment program is about. Grenada’s CBI program enables eligible individuals and their families to acquire citizenship by making a substantial investment in the nation’s progress. 

However, you can’t invest in the program if you are a minor (under age 18). So, either you have to be 18+, or you can talk with your parents about investing in the program. 

With that said, you can invest in the program in two ways: either through NTF funds or Government approved real estate development projects like Emerald Suites. Once you have invested and the process is completed, you must wait 90 days for approval.  

So, How Can You Get a Caribbean Passport?

As we mentioned before, having a Caribbean passport is the key to accessing free medical education, and here is how you can get one! 

Contact The Emerald Suites- 

Emerald Suites is a government-approved real estate project under the governance of the Reece Foundation. The minimum investment to qualify for the CIB (Citizenship By Investment) program is US$220,000. 

FullFill The Requirement And Wait For The Approval

Choose the investment option that fits you, and submit all the necessary documents, including your financial information so that the CIB unit can check your eligibility. Once you receive the approval, transfer your investment option. 

Obtain The Passport And Apply For The Admission 

Once you have obtained the Grenada passport visa free countries option, you can apply for admission and wait for your discount. Yes, the discount could vary depending on the time you spend in Grenada. 

Things To Note Before Applying For The Admission At St. George University

  • If you can spend 1 year before the admission, you can receive up to 90% discount on your course fee. 
  • As a foreigner, you can apply for the scholarship for the first year and get a 65% discount on your course fee. By the time you are in your second year, you will already be fulfilling the prior condition and will be able to get a 90% discount on your second year’s course fee.