What is the Best Way to Experience the True Essence of Grenadian Culture?


You have made a good decision to move to Grenada!! So, before landing, do you want to experience the true essence of Grenadian culture? Yes, excited!! Get ready to embrace  the uniqueness about this beautiful Caribbean island. 

This spice island is undoubtedly filled with dreamy scenery, such as paradise-like beaches, luscious green hills, colorful homes, nutmeg plantations & resorts filled with bars, restaurants & gorgeous hotels. etc. So, get ready to embrace the specialities of the Grenada passport

“Discover Grenada: Where History and Beauty Unite in Caribbean Harmony.”

Grenada’s history, where bravery, resilience, and a touch of French influence have all shaped this Caribbean gem.   

Evidence shows that the islands came into existence about 2 million years ago, formed by an underwater volcano.

Fast forward to 1650, when the Caribs faced challenges from the French. Rather than live under French rule, many Caribs chose a dramatic exit, leaping to their freedom. Even though the English eventually regained control, some French flair stuck around in the island’s place names.

In 1783, the British took charge, and what became the show’s star? Sugar! Plantations flourished, worked by enslaved Africans. But, hold on, in 1795, under the leadership of the incredible Julian Fedon, there was a revolt against the system. Grenada had its share of adventures in the late ’50s and early ’60s as part of the West Indies Federation. But today, it’s a proud independent nation within the Commonwealth. So there you have it. 

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How is Grenada Divided?
Well, Grenada is divided into six parishes. 
Saint GeorgeSaint JohnSaint Mark Saint PatrickSaint AndrewSaint David 

“Grenada: Where Spice Meets Harmony, and Culture Dances to Its Own Beat.”

Are you excited to explore, from spices to music? Well, let’s start  with the French vibes! The French crew took charge in 1672, leaving a lasting mark on Grenada’s culture. But, hold up, the British decided to join the party in 1762, taking over the reins.

Grenada’s cultural melting pot is a blend of British, African, and West Indian influences. You can taste it in their food, groove to it in their music (think calypso, soca, reggae, and steel pan), and catch it in their everyday way of life. English is the official language, but it’s got this cool French twist, patois, with some sprinkled-in words.

And oh, the music scene is a big deal! Get ready for calypso beats, soca rhythms, reggae vibes, and the magical sounds of steel pan. But wait, the real party happens during Carnival, especially Spicemas – Grenada’s top cultural event. Imagine this: streets filled with incredible outfits, parties, parades, and non-stop dancing. It all goes down every second Monday and Tuesday in August, creating a buzz that pulls you into the heart of Grenada’s flavour. Don’t miss the fun!

Get the Quick Facts about Grenada
Capital:- Saint George’s
Area:- 344-kilometer square
Official Language:- English 
Population:- Approx 1.25 Lakhs 
Currency:- East Caribbean Dollar
Average Annual Temperature:- +27 degrees Celsius 
Best Months to Explore Grenada:- Jan to May 

Quick glance about Religion in Grenada

Are you excited to know about the religion in Grenada?  You will find it amazing that 96% of Grenadians are Christian. Without a doubt, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, Christian & Baptist Churches are welcoming on the islands.  1% Hinduism & Islam & another 1% of residents call themselves atheists. 

Above all, the nature & people of Grenada are very welcoming so that you will feel at home in the amazing year round warm weather. So, pack your bags and explore the Grenada citizenship benefits now!!

What are the Ways to Move to Grenada? 

Follow the best way to move to Grenada with your loved ones:- 

  • Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Program:

Grenada’s CBI program allows you to acquire citizenship by making a significant economic contribution to the country. There are two main investment options:

  • Real Estate Investment: Being an investor, you can make a qualifying investment in Grenada. The minimum investment amount varies, typically in approved real estate projects.
  • National Transformation Fund (NTF): Regarding the second option, you can contribute to the National Transformation Fund, which supports various government projects. The minimum investment amount for the NTF also varies.

You must meet certain criteria, undergo due diligence, and make the required financial contribution.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1:- Is Grenada a Good Place to Live?

A1:- Yes, Grenada is a good place to live as it is safe, stable & beautiful. 

Q2:- What Language Does Grenada Speak?

A2:- English is Grenada’s main language. Grenadian Creole English & Grenadian Creole French, or ‘patois,’ are also spoken there. 

Q3:- Can I Get a US Visa in Grenada?

A3:- To relocate to the USA and do business, Grenada nationals may apply for an E-2 Treaty Investor Visa. There is a two- to three-month waiting time. The E-2 visa has a two-year validity period and is renewable indefinitely.